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Hip Hip Ninà, oltre ad essere il ritornello con il quale incito all'esultanza la mia cagnetta, è un invito.
L'invito a coltivare la determinazione ad appassionarsi e stupirsi, nonostante tutto.

Being the jingle I use to incite my little dog to play, Hip Hip Ninà is an invitation. The invitation to keep on being fascinated and amazed, no matter what happened to us before.


Sono Laura e vivo in Italia, dove scrivo, per vocazione e per lavoro. In questo spazio condivido quel che per me è d'ispirazione e che di giorno in giorno attingo dal mondo della fotografia, del design, della poesia e dall'opera di artisti emergenti.

I am Laura and I live in Italy, where I write, as a work and a vocation. This is the place in which I share whatever I find inspiring, enchanting and interesting in design, photography, poetry and emerging art.

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venerdì 18 giugno 2010

Presents For The New House

So, now you know about my new house.
I spent the morning there and it's been five hours of pleasure.
Even if the estate is absolutely close to the the town (I live in northern Italy, not far from Milan), I can in fact say that I live in the countryside and this means:

- silence (the only noise I can hear comes from pigeons, swallows and magpies -my favorites- playing, singing or fighting in the garden);

- scent (you walk in the garden and the wind moves all around the touching smell of the hundred years old wisteria, you lay on the bed with opened window and the jasmin talks to your nose about arabian nights...);

- green and leaves and flowers everywhere (the farmhouse's owner is a very old lady which just adores, and grows lots of,  roses and clematis);

- peace ( I feel happy and calm overthere).

I love this place and I bought several little things to make my home prettier and blissful: here's some of my favorite shopping of the last months...

Storm lanterns: they are the cult-object of the moment to me. The ones I collect come from Toast and I have almost all of the colours of the last 3 years collections: white, red currant, green, three different tones of blue, orange.  Taupe and Sienna Orange are coming!

I am absolutely looking for a wall behind the sofa filled with nice and funny paintings. I could not miss Sam Toft's art, 'cause I love so much Doris the Dog (here are two of the prints I chose. The pink one, the one I preferre, here is missing: I will post a photo soon!).

Another Must Have for my walls was something from Brigitte Herrod: found her lovely scrabble pictures thanks to Rockette St George and had a real trouble to choose one among all thems. In the end I look forward my next year coming 30 years birthday and chose the "Older/Wiser" one!

And this is going to be the paperweight on my working table, or the doorstop? Anyway, whatever is going to be its end, it comes from 26 Olive Street.

For the kitchen I found a lovely cast iron butterfly trivet and a bunny rabbit dish drainer that I simply  find adorable. Again, they both come from Rockett St George.

Oh my god, this is just the beginning!

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